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RETS - User and Password Availability

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May 11, 2015


Dear RETS Vendor,


Please review this message in its entirety. Failure to do so may affect your RETS feed.

In our upcoming Paragon MLS release on May 20, 2015, Black Knight MLS Solutions has enhanced RETS to support the exchange of user credentials in the RETS feed. This will allow vendors to access user credentials (to include Login Name and Password) provided you use SSL and have a registered User-Agent at Black Knight.

While this enhancement will be a welcomed change for vendors who currently utilize a FTP site to access credentials, it will affect vendors who are currently pulling the LA1_LoginName or U_LoginName. This field now requires the use of SSL and the registered User-Agent which was previously exposed to RETS without the additional security measures.

If you require the LoginName in your RETS feed you will need to do the following:

1.       Edit your RETS URL to use SSL by adding “s” to “http” and replacing the dot with a dash between the MLSID and “rets.” For example, “http://imls.rets.paragonrels…” will change to “https://imls-rets.paragonrels...

2.       Have your RETS User-Agent registered by Black Knight MLS. You can do this by sending your RETS User-Agent to John Stock at This can NOT be a generic user-agent such as RETS-Connector/1.2 or librets/1.0. It must be a unique user-agent.

3.       After the User-Agent is registered, include the User-Agent and credentials along with the agent login that you currently using to access RETS for the request. After 5/20, the LoginName will be available. If this process is not followed, the LoginName data will stop appearing in the data feed.

If you do NOT require the LoginName in your feed OR if you already receive it but it’s not required for any functionality in your system, then no action is necessary. For the latter, after 5/20, the data will just stop appearing.

If you have a need to add credentials to your RETS feed, please contact your MLS customer.




Black Knight MLS Solutions

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