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E-mail Opt-In

Have you or a client erroneously opted out of receiving email via Paragon and need to opt yourself or your client back in? Read on!

Agent Opted Out

Click on the Compose Email link on Paragon's home page.

The Tool Box pictured here will open.

Send yourself an email.


You will get the following error message.

Click on the link in the message.

The Opt Out/ Opt In email tool will open.

Click on Opt In

This is the Opt In Tab Page



Enter your email address

Click Next and you're in!


Client Opted Out

If you have received a Bounce back email message from Paragon like the one below

OR when you send a client an Email from Paragon and you get the email error message, follow the same steps.

Click on the link in the message


On the Opt In tab, enter the client's email address.

Click Next.



You can now continue to send email successfully in Paragon.


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