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Creating E-Mail Signatures 1

Email Signatures

Are you looking for an easy way to add and update your signatures for emails and notifications? Then check out Paragon's Email Signatures tool. Paragon allows you to have multiple signatures at your disposal housed in Paragon, available to you whenever or however you choose.

From the tool bar click on Preferences and choose email.

                                                                                                          The Preferences Wizard Menu will open.

                              Click on Email and Add New   

The Email Signature Tool will open

Enter your name and check the Default Signature box if you want to set this as your default.

In the Rich text Editor click on the Add/Insert Image tool.

This will open the Insert/Edit Image Tool

Click on the Browse button

This will open the Image manger window where you can select the image you wish to insert.

Click on Upload image to browse out to your picture gallery.

Double click on an image from your image gallery to load it into the Image Manager.

Click on Insert Image to insert the image into your signature.

Back in the Email Signature box, type in the signature you want to use and click Save.

You may add as many signatures as you like in Paragon. Be sure to name them accordingly.

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