Working with Listing Results


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Working With Listing Results

Now that you have search results, let's take a look at what you can do with these listings.

The listings will display in the default grid view shown below. **You can change this default in Preferences.



You can also view these listings in any of the other available reports by clicking on the reports button.



View the listings in any of these reports views.


Click on the desired report.

The listing(s) will now appear in that report view.


From any of the report views you will have access to the tool bar to print, save, email, export, customize as well as the the Actions menu.

A sustained left mouse click on any of the report titles will allow you to drag that report up to the Favorites category.


Click on Back to return to the grid view.




Continue to explore the Available Reports menu and look for other articles on listing results.




Print and Email