Working with Listing Results


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Save and Notify

Have you created a search for a particular customer?  Would you like to use that search to send notifications of the listings to that customer? Then read on!

Additional Training Options:

Save & Notify

Beginning on the search you have just finished for your client.

Hover over the Save Search menu.


Click on Save Search As.This opens the Save Search tool.

Click on Contact.


Name your search for your client.


Assign the search to your client.

Click on the magnifying glass in The Assign to Contact field.


Select the correct contact from the list.





Click Save


Click Add Contact if the client has not yet been added to your list of contacts. Enter the First and Last name and email address.






Click Save


Click Save and Notify.


Click on save at the top and you are done!

For more information on setting up the notification process see the articles Auto Notifications Via Client Connect and Auto Notifications Via Email.




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