Working with Listing Results


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Actions Menu

The Action Menu on the search results grid is a robust menu full of useful tools.



Click on Criteria to see the search criteria that was used to produce the current search results.




Click on Toggle Stats to hide or show the stats at the top of the grid result page.


The grid results are in HTML format. Click on PDF to convert the grid results to a printable, downloadable  PDF format.




Click on HTML to convert back to HTML from PDF.


Click on Add to CMA to add the selected listings to a new or previously saved CMA.

To learn more about CMA see the CMA articles.


Click on Maintain Listing to edit and maintain your listing right from the search results grid.

From here you can change the price, work with the photos and access the listing input function. For more about editing listings see the article on Maintaining Listings.


Click on Driving Directions to create driving directions for the selected listings.

Each board will choose which Action Icons to activate. Check your Paragon site to learn more.

Once you have selected the listings from the search result grid, click on Listing Slideshow to create a slideshow you can, save, take and play anywhere!



Click on Customize. The customize modal will open.


Click Apply. The Following message will appear.

You will also receive this email message. You can save this message and/or copy the link and paste it into a Word doc and play the slideshow wherever you are and on any device!

Have fun thinking of new and inventive ways to use Paragon's Listing Slideshow!

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