Using Paragon Tax

Tax AutoFill to Listing Input

Paragon Tax includes the ability to autofill directly from tax records, which enables you to quickly add accurate property data to the Listing Input form.


Using Tax Autofill 

Click on the Tax button on the main menu (Note, depending on your MLS setup there may be multiple areas displayed).



Click on the area.


The Tax Search Criteria will display with the specific fields configured for your MLS. Common fields include Address, Parcel Number, Tax ID and Owner Name.

Click Search




Click the row for the property report you wish to display.


Click in the box to select it.

Click Autofill



The Select Class modal will open.

Click on the desired class.




The Load Tax Data modal will open.

Click on the box(es) of data you want to Autofill into your Listing Input form.

Click Save




Click Save

The data will auto fill into the Listing Input form.



From here you can complete the remainder of the fields required to complete the Listing.

Autofill within Listing Input

You can also access Autofill within the Listing Input form (if active in your MLS). Click Tax Autofill from the menu and you will be taken to the Tax Database where you follow the same steps above to autofill data to the listing.



Congratulations! You now know how to use Tax Autofill for Listings in Paragon!