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Map Search

The mapping tool in Paragon is a robust one. Searching for listings on the map really enables you to visualize the location of the properties from your search results.


How to perform a Map Search

There are two ways to begin a map search: use the Search By Map Field in the search grid or use the Search button Mapping search under the Specialty search menu.

Click on the Search By Map field in the search grid or Click on Search and under the Specialty Search menu click on Mapping


Either approach will open the mapping tool.

The default center of the map is determined by the address in the Paragon User profile. This is known as the default setting. This address can be changed as part of a profile change through your local association or as a matter of preference in the Preferences menu.

Click on the drop down by Road to choose the type of view you prefer on the map.

Road View- When selected, no matter the zoom level, the map will remain on the road view.


Aerial View- When selected, no matter the zoom level, the map will remain on the aerial view.


Bird's Eye View- When selected, Bird's Eye View will provide a closer more detailed view of the area.


Auto View- When selected Auto View allows you to switch back and forth among Road and Ariel views automatically as you zoom in and zoom out.


Show Labels- Show Labels allows you to toggle labels like street names on and off the map on the aerial view.


Custom Address- Type in any address and click on the search icon to position he map n that address.


Draw by Distance- With draw and a distance, you can automatically draw a radius shape from the center of the map the distance you enter the box.

Draw- Draw shapes on the map to focus in on the location you want to search for listings.


Polygon - Use the polygon shape to draw any shape you need. Follow a road way, water way, community lines etc.

Rubber Band - Us the rubber band shape to draw a rectangle and stretch out the shape in any direction form the start point.

Radius - Use the radius shape to draw a circle out form a center point.

Hide Shapes - Us the Hide Shapes tool to eliminate a shape and it's listing from the map.

Edit any of the shapes by right clicking on the shape and using the menu to edit, delete or exclude the shape from your map.

Click on Add Layers to reveal and add to the map any of the layers listed in the layers menu.


Print   Print your map to PDF and it becomes an email able document!

Marker - Place a marker on the map of your current location.



Point of Interest- Place points of interest on the map.


Flag Color Legend- Click on the legend to see what status the different color flags represent.


Map Listing Results-

Listing results may appear as a single flag or a cluster of listings depending on your zoom level.






Listing Clusters Detail View

Now that you have your listings on the map click on Add to Criteria to return to the search grid or Search Now to see the listings in a report view.

Congratulations! You now know how to perform a Map search in Paragon!