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What is the one thing you will do more than anything else in Paragon? Searches! Once you understand the basic search functionality in Paragon you can do any search in Paragon because the features and functions of search in Paragon are consistent no matter what type of search you need to do.

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How to perform a Basic Search

Click on the SEARCH button on the main menu


You can search by any of the class types in the Search By Class menu, including Multi-Class. The Multi-Class search allows to run a search using more than one class in a single search.

Search Template Example

Once you have selected your Search Class; a default search template similar to the one pictured below will open.

Search Field Types

There are 5 types of search fields in Paragon:

Map Search Field

Click the globe icon to display the Bing Map View where you can
type in a addresses and /or draw various
shapes on the map to designate
the area in which you would like to focus your search.

Look Up Fields

Click on the magnifying glass to reveal the list
of data available and select the desired data you
wish to include in your search criteria.

Min/Max-High/Low Fields 

Entering a value in the Min field only will return results beginning with that minimum value and anything above that value. Entering a value in the Max field only will return results from zero up to that value. Entering values in both fields will return results beginning and ending with those values.

Features Search Field

The features search field allows you to refine your search results to match more closely with your buyer’s wish list and ‘must haves’ or ‘must not haves’ in a property.

Wild card Search Fields

Fields with allow you to search by part of a value. Instead of having to type in the data exactly how it was entered in the listing, Paragon will search for results based on a partial entry.

Example 1: Smith* means you know the city name starts with Smith.
Example 2: *Ville means you know the city name ends in Ville.

Now that you know how the fields work you are ready to enter your search criteria. Once you have entered your search criteria, click on the Search button to view your results.

Congratulations! You now know how to perform any search in Paragon! Click here to learn more about these search topics in paragon: customize, save, load saved search and view reports.