Assume Identity

Do you need to work on some's behalf in Paragon? Would you like someone to work on your behalf in Paragon? Well that is possible! And you do not need to share log in credentials to achieve it. Here's how.

Assume Identity- **Note: The rules and availability of assume Identity are Board and Broker specific. check with your MLS staff or broker for more information.

From the Home Page click on the link Assume Identity.

The Assume Identity link will only appear on your Paragon Home Page if your board allows it and another Paragon user has given you permission to assume his/her identity.


A list of names of Paragon users who have given you their permission to assume their identity will appear.

Click on the name of the person you wish to work as.

Click Assume.

You are now working in Paragon as though you were that person. You have access to their preference settings, saved searches, CMAs, contacts, and reports etc.


Click back on the Assume Identity link to move on to the next paragon user or to return to your own identity.