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User Preferences Wizard

When you are new to Paragon, you may not be familiar with some of its processes. Rather than struggle through, let the Preference Wizards be your guide to customize, reset system defaults and begin to tailor Paragon to you and the way you do business.


How to run the User Preferences Wizard

From the Home Page, click on the main menu button Preferences.


Under the System menu Click on the menu item Preferences Wizard

This will open the Preferences Wizard. A wizard is simply a tool that steps you through a process.

Click Start

The next page directs you to add or update your agent image. The default image is the Realtor "R"

Click on Update Photo



Click on the image you want to insert. (It will highlight in orange). 

Click Insert Image.


Your agent image will now appear in place of the default realtor "R".


Click Next 

The Logo Image page will open. Insert or upload your office logo here.

Click Update Office Logo or click on the default Equal Housing Opportunity logo to add your office logo.

Click on the logo you would like to insert, the background will highlight in orange.Click Insert Image

Note** If the agent image or office logo are not found, click on Upload Photo. This will take you out to your desk top where you can select an image among your photo folders.


Click Next

The Market Monitor page will open. Note** Your's may appear slightly different form the example shown below.

Click on the magnifying glass on any field to see a list of options.


Scroll down the Market Monitor page to Default Section. This will set the default tab on your Market Monitor. Set the default number of days back.



Click Next and set your default Search Options



Click Next and set the default search Result Options.




Click Next to change the Main Menu banner on the Home Page.



Scroll down the User Interface page to set print and font defaults.



Click Next



Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Click Next



Click Next







Congratulations! You have reset all the default settings in User Preferences!