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CMA Preferences Wizard

A Wizard is simply a tool used to step you through a process. If you ever plan on doing a CMA in Paragon you will definitely want to run the CMA Preferences Wizard first! This will set the back drop for all your future CMA Presentation in Paragon. This allows you to enter all the consistent elements of your CMA presentation one time instead of every time you create a new CMA presentation.


How to run the CMA Preferences Wizard

Click on the main menu button Preferences


Under the System menu Click on the menu item CMA Preferences Wizard

This will open the CMA Preferences Wizard. A wizard is simply a tool that steps you through a process.

Click Start

Type in or copy and paste in your CMA cover letter.


Click Next

Company Information can only be access by a broker level or higher in Paragon. If your company information does not appear in this step please request your broker to enter that for you.



Click Next


Click Next


Click Next and select a theme.

Click Next

Add a footer if desired.



Click Next


Click Next



Congratulations your CMA Preferences are complete!