Mobile Guide


The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the features in Mobile. This document will review the process to access Mobile, Property Searches, email listings, and set up search and email preferences.

Due to the variety of devices in the marketplace, this document will include general references to controls such as “select the enter option” to refer to what ever button, wheel, etc. performs the enter command on your device.

Accessing Mobile

Use the following steps to access your Mobile MLS site. Be sure to confirm with your MLS that they do have Mobile availalbe for use.

Example: http://"Board ID"

Board ID is the same identifier as your MLS Paragon URL: Example:

1. Enter the URL that you were provided into your hand held device.
2. Select the enter option to go to the URL.
3. Enter your Paragon Username and Password at the login screen.
4. Click Login.


Mobile Quick Start Guide
Mobile Quick Start Guide