Using Listing Input and Maintenance

Maintain A Partial Listing


Now that you have entered and saved a listing as partial you will need to know how to find it again and maintain it. You can now edit, upload multiple photos, preview your listing detail sheet and upload associated documents.


How to Maintain a Partial Listing

Click on the LISTING button on the main menu.

Under the Maintain column, click on Partials.

The Partial Listings page will open. Find the partial listing you wish to edit or maintain

Click on Select An Action of the listing you need to edit. The Select An Action toolbox will open.

Select An Action Toolbox Example (yours may differ slightly)

Click on Maintain Partial.

The listing grid will open. You can now enter any additional data fields to complete your listing or continue to save as partial until complete.900


Click the Green Next button.

The Upload Multiple Photos page will appear.

Click on Upload Multiple Photos. this will take you out to the picture library on your desktop.

Click on Open or Insert once you have made you photo selections.

Click on Upload.

Once the upload is complete, you will see your photos.

Click on Add Label. the Primary - Photo Label toolbox will open. This process is optional.

Click Save when you have finished with your label and photo description.

Click Close when you have completed Labels and descriptions for your photos.

Click on the green Next button.

Preview the detail sheet

 Upload Associated Documents


Click on Add New


The Add New toolbox will open.

the document you uploaded will now show in the list. you can continue to add more documents, modify or delete as needed.

Congratulations! You now know how to maintain a Partial listing in Paragon!


Last modified on Wednesday, 18 March 2020 16:09