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New Listing Input

You got the listing! Now it's time to enter the listing data into the Paragon system. You will learn how to enter your listing and make it the most searchable listing possible. The more data you enter the more searchable your listing becomes.

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 Entering a Listing In Paragon

Click on the LISTINGS button on the main menu and select the desired class.


Listing Template Example

Once you have selected your Add Listing Class; a default input template similar to the one pictured below will open.


Listing Input Functionality

There are 6 types of functions on the listing input grid:


Save Listing/Save As Partial Listing

Save As Partial Listing if you have not yet entered all of the required fields of data or if you are not yet ready to submit it as a completed listing. The Save As Partial Listing function will generate a temporary listing number. You may continue to save as a partial listing as often as necessary.

Save Listing when you have completed the listing input and you are ready to submit the listing. This will submit the listing and generate an MLS ID number.

Tax Autofill 

Depending on the board, your Paragon may or may not include this function. The Tax Autofill button will open a tax search grid.

Reset Fields

Click on Reset Fields to clear all listing input fields of data.

Required Only

Clicking on Required Only will eliminate any non-required or optional fields from the listing input grid. Only the required fields will remain in the grid.

Open All/Close All 

Open All and Close All functions refer to the containers of Listing Input. Open All will open all the containers that house data fields in the listing Input grid. Close All will close all the containers.

Other Features on the Listing Input Page

Primary Image Placecard

Double Click on the Primary Image Placard holder and the Upload Primary Picture toolbox will open. Click on Browse to browse out to the picture library on your desktop. Select the photo your wish to upload as your primary photo.


Click on Upload. Your primary photo will appear in the place card holder. you can now edit or Replace this Image.


Field Counter

The Field Input counter will continue to count down as you enter data in the required fields.

You can 'Save Listing' only when the Remaining Fields count is at zero.


Entering the Listing

There are 2 ways to save a listing in Paragon. Save Listing and Save As Partial Listing.

To Save As Partial Listing all fields with a must be populated.

To Save Listing all fields with and all fields with a must be populated.


Fields with a indicate the ability to look up a value for that field.

Click on the magnifying glass,select and save.

Fields with indicates a tool tip is available for that field. Hover your cursor over the to reveal the tool tip.

Now that you know how the fields work you are ready to enter your listing criteria. Once you have populated all the required and any optional fields of your choice, you are ready to save the listing. Once you have saved the listing Paragon will issue an MLS number and the listing is now published and searchable.

If you try to save the listing before satisfying all the required fields you will get an error message like the one pictured below. Clicking on Modify will place your cursor in the field withe missing or incorrect value.

Congratulations! You now know how to enter a listing in Paragon! Click here to learn how to maintain your listings.


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