Create a CMA Presentation

When winning the listing requires more than a Quick CMA; create a Paragon CMA presentation. The end result is a professional presentation for your seller. Good luck on your listing appointment!

Additional Training Options:

How to build a CMA Presentation Step 1: Subject Property

Click on the CMA button on the main menu, then click Create Presentation


Presentation Name

On this page enter the name of your presentation and

Click Continue


Subject Property

This page focuses on the subject property. You can choose to:

  • Create a new subject property
  • Load an existing subject property
  • Use an existing MLS number



Create a New Subject Property

Click on Create New Subject Property to create a subject property that does not yet exist in Paragon

Click on the appropriate class for your subject property

Fill out the fields for your subject property and

click Save


A photo can also be added for your subject property.

Click Upload This Image


Click on Browse to select your photo from your computer

Click on Upload to add the picture to your subject property


Click Save to save your CMA Presentation



Use an Existing Subject Property

Click on Load a Subject Property to use an existing subject property


Click on the Subject Property you would like to use and click OK


Use an Existing Listing

Click on Use an Existing MLS Listing to use a listing that is already in Paragon

Enter the MLS number for the listing you would like to use and

Click Go

Click Next to go to the Client page



This page allows you to assign a contact to the CMA Presentation. There will be options to:

  • Create a new client
  • Select an existing contact



Create New Client

Click Create New Client to enter your contact into Paragon

Enter the contact information and

Click Save




Use Existing Contact

Click Select Client from Contact List to use an existing contact


Click on the contact from your list, then click OK

The Current Client window will open.


Congratulations! You are ready to move on to CMA Step Two!