Create a CMA Presentation

Now that you have entered your subject property, you will need to know how to maintain it and quickly convert it into a listing!

Additional Training Options:

Converting a Subject Property to a Listing

Click on the CMA button on the main menu


Under the Maintenance menu click on Maintain Subject Property.

This is a sample Add Subject Property menu. Yours may differ slightly.

The Subject Properties list will display.



Click on Select an Action

The Select and Action modal will open. From the modal you can: maintain the Subject Property, Change the Goecode (mapping coordinates), work with pictures or Convert your Subject Property to a listing.

Click on Convert Subject Property.


The Subject Properties input grid will open.

Complete the input grid by populating all the required fields indicated by a red R or purple C.

Click on Convert Listing.

The  Listing Input grid will open allowing you to complete the listing.



For more information about entering a listing see the guide on Adding a Listing.

Congratulations! Your Subject Property is now a listing!