Create a CMA Presentation

Whether it's part of a CMA presentation or not, it's simple to add a subject property in Paragon. Unlike a partial listing, a Subject Property can be stored in Paragon without the scrutiny of a real listing, has a longer retention time and fewer required fields to complete than a bona fide listing. 

Additional Training Options:

Adding a Subject Property

Click on the CMA button on the main menu


Click on the class of the subject property you would like to add.

This is a sample Add Subject Property menu. Yours may differ slightly.


The Add Subject Property input grid will open.


Populate the fields for your subject property.



To condense the grid, click on Required Only. The grid will now display only those fields that are required in order to complete and Save your Subject Property.


To display all the fields again click Display All


Click Open All to open all the containers and Close All to close all the containers.

The Open All and Close All buttons refer to the blue containers. This a way to organize the grid.


Instead of entering all new data you can copy a previous listing into the grid if allowed.

Click on Copy Listing


Enter the Listing ID and click Save.


Click on Tax Autofill to pull in data from your local tax records data base (if available).


A photo can be added to your Subject Property.

Click on Browse to select your photo from your computer

Click on Upload to add the picture to your subject property


When you have completed entering in your Subject Property, click Save Listing to save

  This subject property can later be added to a CMA or left as a stand alone subject property for future reference.


Click on the Subject Property you would like to use and click OK



Congratulations! You're Subject Property is complete!