Create a CMA Presentation

Hyperlinked Quick CMA

Do you need to pull some comparable property statistics in a hurry? If you are short on time or simply do not have the need for a complete CMA packet or presentation then Paragon has the Quick CMA solution for you.

Add criteria to your search criteria screen based on your Subject Property and click Search

View your Search Results in reports.

Place a check mark in the boxes to the left to select the properties you wish to include in your CMA.

Hover over Actions and click Add to CMA

Click the radio button labeled Selected

Click the radio button Add Listings to a New CMA Presentation.

Click Select to move your selected listings to a CMA.

The selected listings are moved to a Paragon CMA Wizard menu is opened.

In Step 5-Presentation Setup select the Subject Property Detail, Summary of Adjustments and CMA Summary reports.

Click on Step 6-View Presentation.

Congratulations! Your Quick CMA reports can now be printed or emailed as a hyperlink!