Converting Documents to PDF Format

Converting a Document to PDF

If you have not had experience with converting a Word document or other documents to PDF we are here to help! Most current PC's and MAC's come loaded with a PDF conversion tool, which can be found within Print Options.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader which allows you to Print directly to PDF and Read PDF files.

This is a free download from Adobe.

Adobe features three options for converting documents to the PDF format, Adobe Reader, Acrobat XI Standard and Acrobat XI Pro. Click here to learn about the Adobe PDF option that is right for you.


Printing from Word to PDF

From Print within a Word Document you may find variations of "Adobe PDF" or "Print to PDF". Selecting this option at print allows you to convert the document directly into PDF format.


Word 2013 Adobe PDF: Word 2010 Adobe PDF: