Using the Contact Manager


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Add a Saved Search to a Contact

Add a Saved Search to a Contact

Now that you have learned how to save a search and add contacts in Paragon, it is time to see how we link the saved searches and the contacts together.

What good is a saved search without a contact? Customers and clients learn about new listings that match their search criteria from the auto notifications you set up to be sent to them.If you want to send out auto notification to clients, customers and contacts you will need to link up your saved searches to the appropriate contacts. If you want to know more about how to do this, read on!

The Contacts window will display. Click on the contact name to select the contact for whom you want to link a saved search or create a new search. The Contact Manger Wizard will open.

Click on the green NEXT button twice.



The ADD SAVED SEARCH options screen will open.


The Associated Saved Search modal will open.

Check the box next to the box of the saved search you wish to associate to your contact and click SAVE.


Congratulations! You have just associated a saved search with a contact!

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