v5.31 - New Bing Map Controls Training Videos

New Bing Map Control Update

With the upcoming 5.31 Paragon Release, we are pleased to announce a major update to the Bing Map Search Controls which offer users more flexibility when working in the map views!

Click to view detailed document covering all the new Bing Map Tools!

So what’s changing? The biggest difference is the User Interface for the menu options across the top of the map and the map pin functionality and there are new features with the updated tools. These short videos give an overview of the new controls and their functions.

Please make sure you view these videos with the HD button enabled.  See below:


Map View

Map Type and Views 1mins 03s
Setting Default Map View 0mins 58s


Drawing Tools

Drawing Shapes 2mins 35s


Interacting with Map

Pins, Clusters, Results 1mins 58s
Search Criteria and Map 1mins 58s
Listing Mini Detail View 1mins 12s



Using Layers 1mins 55s
Interactive Parcels 1mins 44s


Menu options

GPS Locator 0mins 43s
Address Search 1mins 17s
Points of Interest  
Hide Tool 1mins 29s