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CC 2.0 Collab Center

Oveview of the new CC2 Collab Center Website!

When the agent sets up the CC 2.0 web site and sets a prospect on CC2 with Auto Notify, the prospect receives and email link to the site.

When the prospect clicks on the auto notification link in the email it will link them to their listing matches in the CC2 Collab Center.

The CC 2.0 Collab Center

Upon login the customer will see the overlay pointing out some of the most commonly used features on the site.



The dashboard at a glance. Here listings can be viewed in more detail. While all listings start out in the Undecided tab they can now designate the listings as Favorite, Possible or Reject, create folders to organize and track listings and more.

If there are multiple saved searches for an individual client, they can be accessed through the Source Drop down menu. This is a way of keeping listings organized by search.






 View Types

Thumbnail View


Tile View


Map View



Add listings to folders you create to help organize listings into categories making it easier to keep track of them.





View Detail

Click on View Detail to see more information about the property.







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Compare Listings



Additional Features

Congratulations! Now you can manage your listings with ease.


Collaboration Center