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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 16:21

Collaboration - Seller Side

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Are your sellers feeling left out of the auto notification world? Well set them up on the Seller's Side of the Collab Center!

When the agent sets a seller up on the Collaboration Center the seller will  receive reports regarding how their listing is performing in the marketplace.

The CC 2.0 Collab Center Seller Side Agent Functionality

From the main menu button Contacts, click on View/Manage Contacts and select the seller you want to work with.

Click on the contact name to select the seller you want to work with.



Open the Seller Activity folder on the left and click on Associate Property.



Click on Select a Listing.

Highlight the desired property to associate with the seller and click Save.



The seller listing page will appear.

Here you can view the listing detail, enable the sell side for prospecting, and enable the auto email reporting feature.




Clicking on SEND WELCOME EMAIL will open the email message window. You can type in a message here if desired.

However, you may want to click on Preview before doing so to view the message the seller will receive.


Click Preview to see the message that will be sent to the seller. Click send when ready.



Email Message Preview


Enabling Email Reports

Click on Disabled to Enable the auto email report feature. The report can be scheduled daily or weekly.


What the Seller sees on their Collab Center Site


Seller's Report



Congratulations! Your seller is connected!.


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