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Set Up Wizard

Learn all about the new CC2 Collab Center Setup Wizard!

Additional Training Options:

How to run the CC2 Collab Center 2 Wizard

Click on the main menu button Preferences


Under the System menu Click on the menu item Collab Center Preferences Wizard


This will open the CC2 Preferences Wizard. A wizard is simply a tool that steps you through a process.

Click Start

The next page directs you to set the URL for your CC2 Collab Center site.

Click Next to accept the URL as shown.



Click on Create Site




Click Next





Click Next and create your About Me page

Confirm your office information

Click Next

Add any links you like to your About Me page.

Click Add copy and past a link from the web or type in any link. Uncheck the Use Same Name as Address box and name the link as shown in the image below.




Click Next




Congratulations! You have just created your CC 2 Collab Center site!


Collaboration Center