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Clearing Cookies and Cache

Clearing Cookies and Cache

Computer slowing you down? Clearing your internet browser of cookies and cached files is an effective way to improve the performance of your computer.  Web pages, images and downloaded content from the internet is referred to as cache.   Browsers store these items to make using the internet appear faster.  A build-up of these files can significantly affect the performance of the internet on your computer.  The process to clear the browser cache is slightly different for each browser. Below are the steps to clear the cache for the Paragon supported browsers.


Internet Explorer  9-11


 Open your Internet Explorer browser.     

 Click on the tool gear in the top right corner.

The following window will open.Click on Internet Options.

Under the Browsing History section, click on Delete


The Delete Browsing History menu window will open.

Check mark the boxes:Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and then click the delete button at the bottom.







Once you see this bar appear at the bottom of the screen, success is yours! Close your browser and reopen it.






















When this box appears at the bottom of your screen-success is yours! Close Internet exporer and re-open.


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