Creating a Desktop Shortcut to Paragon

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to Paragon


There are two easy ways to create a single click icon on your Desktop to directly open the URL for your  MLS!

Open a browser with the URL address of your MLS: Ex: {yourmls} Contact your MLS if you are not sure of the exact address to use


Highlight the full URL: Place the cursor in the address bar and press Ctrl + A on the keyboard, then Cntrl + C.

Now go to your main Desktop and right click and choose New>Shortcut





The labeled icon will now appear on your Desktop for single click directly to your MLS



Even easier! Open the browser with the URL for your MLS. Click the far left of the URL address bar (hold down the left mouse button and drag to your Desktop:



Right click on the icon and choose Rename from the menu if desired!







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