• Updates Coming

    We are excited to communicate the upcoming changes to the Collaboration Center site. There are several changes coming in August along with a few other changes coming in late September/early October that are important to prepare for. Let's look at the changes coming in August first and then we can dive into the changes coming towards the end of the year.

    Take a look at the menu to the left. We have broken down the changes by category and date. Click on each menu to learn more about the upcoming changes.







  • Collaboration Buy Side Updates

    The Collaboration Center site has been slightly refactored to an updated dashboard format. The reason behind the updated look was to prepare for our new Collaboration Center sell side option (currently still in beta). In order to combine the buy side and sell side into one application there were changes needed on the buy side to make room for the sell side feature. In some cases you may only work with a buyer and in some cases you only work with a seller. So each site would only show you options based on the type of contact you are working with. However, in some cases you may actually have both a buyer and a seller. Our new interface will allow your client to quickly see both buyer and seller data. Below shows you a before and after shot of our Collaboration Center buy side site.





  • Collaboration Sell Side Updates

    For those MLS customers that have already activated the Seller Side functionality, this new design combines the Buy and Sell Side sites into a single view instead of switching to each site via the hamburger menu located at the top right of the screen. A sell side tab will appear next to the buy side tab if your contact is both a buyer and seller. If your contact is just a seller the buy side tab will not appear. Currently our sell side option for Collaboration Center is in Beta.


  • New Welcome Email

    The Collaboration Center Welcome e-mail will be implemented in a new format. The format will include helpful information for your consumers on how to use the Collaboration Center site along with the number of the initial matches for the Saved Search. This format will become the new template for all Collaboration Center communications in the future. We will start with the welcome email and then use this same format for all notification emails to both the consumer and agent. See the new look below:




  • Text Editor Removed

    In order to retain the template styling and update it to a professional and consistent look, the Rich Text Editor has been removed from this function to ensure consistency in the font and formatting of the Collaboration Center Welcome Message. We still provide you with the ability to add a custom message but without the ablity to add any html elements to the message. The goal is to take your personal message and apply it to the template so that your fonts and styling all match the Collaboration Center template. The new template is also render in a responsive design to allow for better viewing on tablets and smart phones.




    In addition to the rich text editor being removed when sending a welcome message the "Default Message Body" option found in your email preferences will also be updated. Since the new templates only allow you to enter text we had to remove the rich text editor from this section within your preferences. So if you have any saved default messages, those messages will be retained but any html elements will be stripped. These default messages are available throughout the system and not just Collaboration Center. So if you have any legacy email notifications or Collaboration Center notifications that use these default messages, please make sure you review them. See screenshots below.


    Before: Composing Welcome Email Message


    After: Composing Welcome Email Message
    Notice the new preview button. Allows you to preview your message within the new welcome email template.


    Before: Default Message Body


    After: Default Message Body
    Again this allows your text to match new Collaboration Center template format


    All of these changes will allow for this new professional template

  • FAQ

    1. Will I still be able to compose a personal message before sending welcome email?
      Yes, you will be able to write anything you want. The only difference is you will not be using a rich text editor. So you just need to write your message. We will take care of the styling.

    2. Where did the insert signature button go when composing a welcome email?
      The signature button has been removed. We have included a professional signature section at the bottom of the welcome email. It includes your photo, phone number, email address, and any social networking sites that you want to share.

    3. Can I view the welcome email before sending to my prospective buyer?
      Yes, when you are composing your welcome email you will see a new preview button next to the send and cancel buttons. This preview button will open the template in a modal window with your custom message added. This allows you to see the email before sending.

    4. Can I just use a default message instead of having to type a custom message each time?
      Yes, if you go to preferences, then select Email you will see an option called "Message Body." You can create several "Message Bodies" to be used for different messages.

    5. Can I add special characters in my welcome email?
      Yes, you can use special characters. You just have to copy and paste the character into the text area. If you are using the "Message Body" option from your email preferences, you will need to double check those special characters. In some cases, these special characters (apostrophes as well) were replaced with html code thus not actually showing you the symbol you expected.

      Here is a link to some common symbols used:   Symbol Examples