System Compatibility

System Compatibility


  • Firefox

    Paragon is currently compatible with the following version of Firefox:

    Firefox: 94.0.1 (64-bit)
    (Windows 7, MAC OS 10.13 High Sierra and later)

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    Paragon is currently compatible with the following version of Chrome:

    Chrome: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra and later)

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    Microsoft Edge

    Paragon is currently compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Edge:

    • Microsoft Edge 95.0.1020.44 (Official build) (64-bit)

    (Windows 7 and later)

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    Paragon is currently compatible with the following version of Safari:

    Safari 14.1.1 (16611.
    (We support up to Mac OS Big Sur and later)

    Note: Support for PC Version was discontinued on June 30, 2014

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    Above are the top four Internet Browser versions that are compatible with Paragon. Black Knight shall not be responsible for system performance or reliability when using a browser that is not included in the list of recommended browsers as specified above.

    • Version Compatibility

      Paragon is compatible with this latest OS version:

      Apple iOS – 13.3.1
    • Paragon MLS iPad Compatibility Policy

      Black Knight MLS has certified Paragon for use on the iPad with iOS8 versions up to and including 11.2.5. However, the following are current known priority iPad issues with iOS10 and above for Safari and Chrome.

      Chrome and Safari

      Chrome and Safari browsers in use within the iPad have inherent functionality differences compared to the versions used on Desktops and Laptops. BK MLS has made design accommodations to provide as much functionality as possible compared to the online versions of these browsers. Using the Chrome Browser on the iPad has provided the overall best success while using Paragon. Other available iPad Browsers: Not supported at this time.

      Supported Modules/Functions

      The following areas of Paragon have passed Quality Assurance and are available for use on the iPad Chrome and Safari browsers.

      • Home Page and Overall User Interface
      • Multi-tasking via Tabs
      • In – Line Auto Complete of Fields (where available)
      • Property Searches
      • Results Views
      • E-mail
      • Financial Calculators
      • Contacts
      • Collaboration Center
      • Automatic E-mail Notifications
      • Tax (vendor dependent)
      • Resources
      • Membership
      • CMA Creation
      • Preferences – non-wizard preferences functions and settings
      • Listing Input and Maintenance with photo upload (one image at a time)

      Image Upload and Rich Text Editor

      iPad’s will have the capability of using the Paragon Rich Text Editor which enables additional functionality in the CMA, E-mail other Paragon functionality where the Rich Text Editor is used. This version also supports the upload of Listing Images, Agent and Office Images (via Preferences) and Images within the E-mail editor.


      The following areas of Paragon are not initially supported due to functionality restrictions within the Browsers. Please note that incompatible features will be made unavailable, greyed out or restricted from use.

      NEW: Latest Issues with 11.2.5

      • Register button not displaying for new contact after creating a password when iPad is in landscape format
      • "Select an Action" hyperlink does not work on safari


      • Drag and drop of columns is not available in the Spreadsheet view
      • Action Icon links to Third Party products are dependent on their support of iPad
      • You cannot drag and select multiple listings. Use Customize to rearrange column order.

      File Structure
      Upload of Associated Documents is not supported.

      Direct Printing from the iPad is not currently supported. However, in some cases printing may be available via wireless/Bluetooth connection.

      Export to Excel

      MLS Administrative Functions

      Creation of Presentation available only when using iOS8 or newer

      Custom Report Writer

      Virtual Tours
      Virtual Tour functionality will be dependent on the type of site that is being accessed (Flash Sites not supported)

      Functionality Differences

      Spreadsheet Row Double Click/ Accessing Report views
      To view listing report views from the spreadsheet the MLS Number field must be included in the Spreadsheet view. The MLS number is a live link that directs to the default view.

      • The Rich Text Editor (email editor) is available for use in version iOS8 or greater and offers the same functionality as the online e-mail editor. With iOS6.0.1 or greater the “Click Here to View Listings” display as a text label hyperlink.


      Drawing Map Shapes
      When drawing shapes on a Bing Map, to be fully engaged in Drawing Mode, the Shape Icon must be highlighted in blue before drawing the Rubber Band, Radius or Polygon Shapes.

      iPad Usage Tips

      Scrolling in various areas of the application including the Homepage and Spreadsheet views may require iPad two-finger scroll.

      Multi direction scrolling is supported.

      Zoom In/Zoom Out
      Two finger zoom in/out is supported where available

      Landscape vs. Portrait View
      Landscape View is recommended for the best use of the Paragon MLS System. Portrait View is also usable for Listing Input & Maintenance and Search criteria screens.

    • Version Compatibility

      Paragon is compatible with this latest OS version:

      Android - 8.1.0 OREO

      Paragon Compatibility Policy for Android OS

      Android OS Nougat has been certified for use with Chrome for Android. Members can now access the most popular areas of the system for their day-to-day business.


      System Requirements

      The following areas of Paragon have passed Quality Assurance and are available for use on an Android System.

      • Android Nougat
      • Chrome: 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)
      • Android built in browser not supported at this time.



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